RS Night Watch, is a live Internet event. The result of a vision that evolved. Once a weird talk/variety show with radio elements, RS Night Watch has now come into it’s own. We do scheduled RS Night Watch events direct from Studio M (a secret location in Woodhaven N.Y.) where we give you an hour long show (shows often run into overtime) with a ton of music, interesting guests and co-hosts, live performances, and some Skype call-ins. RS Night Watch is viewer supported, so donations are always appreciated.  Keep an eye on the Event Stream!


I am a disabled American who busks in The New York City Subway System to earn money.  I suffer from a litany of health problems that include Cervical Radiculopathy, multiple herniated discs, serious amounts of nerve damage, Type 2 Diabetes, Cirrhosis, SVT (a heart condition), and other things that result from the things I just mentioned. I can no longer busk 6 days a week. On a good week, I can do 2 or 3 days tops and then I’m wrecked for 4 days. Needless to say I don’t make rent like I used to. This as well as the cost of maintaining Studio M is why RS Night Watch must be viewer supported.  Your contributions keep Studio M running, and they help keep a roof over our heads. Please donate HERE.

I’m The Reverend Matty F, a Reverend, guitarist/synthesist/singer/songwriter, and general entertainer. I showcase original music from all over the world, while focusing heavily on performing for you LIVE on guitar, keyboards, and vocals.

After taking other people’s advice (live and learn, bitchez), and giving my whole life to a company doing various I.T. tasks, the scum bag I worked for threw me under the bus during a lay off on January 5th 2009 after 12 years of my sweat and blood.  The stock market had just crashed, the job market was completely dead, contract work was scarce, and there I found myself, 47 years old, gray-haired, and being passed over for jobs by younger people who would work for peanuts.

For the next 2 years I tried everything from small contract work to operating a Mister Softee truck to selling cake at street fairs. Companies offering IT work were either sweat shops,  or real bottom feeding companies that couldn’t get out of their own way. One fucked up company had their “Corporate Culture” so far up their ass, it was like working in an episode of The Prisoner. Nothing was permanent.

After the Mister Softee fiasco (I don’t think I have ever had a job that I despised quite that much), A chance meeting in Bushwick in 2011 lead to a man named James who did me a kindness. I found him standing on a street corner with a Pig Nose amp strapped to his back, and playing a rare Gibson Les Paul Firebrand. I asked him what he was doing, and he explained that he performed instrumental music on moving subway trains. When I asked if there was any money in it, he made it clear that there was. We exchanged business cards, and a few weeks later he showed up at our apartment with a virus-ridden NetBook which I cleaned up for him. He saw that I had guitars and equipment here and asked if I’d like to come out and work some trains with him so he could teach me how to “earn” in the subway.  Desperate for some way to make some cash without having to sacrifice my whole life to “the man”, I agreed and we worked together for several weeks. It’s called “Busking” and there is a science to it. In late summer of 2011, James had accumulated enough money to take a trip to Europe and busk his way across Germany, so he introduced me to my top mentor of all time, Ziggy. Ziggy has been busking the subways for decades and is known still as the subway’s #1 earner despite being perpetually homeless. Recent reports sadly indicate that Ziggy has become a screaming hobo on the streets of Williamsburg. Back in 2011 it wasn’t quite as bad but I learned more about earning money (getting people to tip) from Ziggy in just a few days (these were very long days because it was hard to motivate him as he was sinking into being a screaming hobo) than I had in the previous 6 or so weeks. In late August of 2011, I formulated my act and struck out on my own taking on an alter ego modeled after Ziggy. Although I will never forget what James did for me, we had a falling out a few years ago and I decided it was better to move on and not look back.

The first couple of weeks were rough. I had never sang while playing the guitar simultaneously before (I dunno why), so I grabbed the simplest song I could think of (Knockin on Heavens Door) and subjected people to it on the F line until I had it down, then started running it 3-4 hours a day over and over on the J train looping between Sutphin Blvd, and Crescent Street. The first day out on the F line I made $3.00 (USD). I have first dollar in a frame on the wall in Studio M. By the end of the second week on the J train, I was averaging about $30 a day. One day I was turning around at Sutphin Blvd and I got a J train where a woman recognized me and said to the woman next to her “Oh God, he’s gonna play Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door”. I got off at the next stop, whipped out my Blackberry, and got the chords and lyrics to Horse with No Name by America (1972). I went home and practiced for hours. The next day was a new era where I started seeing $50-$75 daily for about 2.5 hours of actual performing.

In late 2012 I hurt my back very badly, and started losing my game on the subway.  I was still at it in 2013 when my mother became ill suddenly and died a few weeks later. Everything started to sink for me until May of 2014 when I was offered a light telecommuting job for my friend’s company. I was more than happy to take the job because our then police commissioner was a fucking lunatic and all the buskers were getting arrested like criminals. The job lasted about 8 months and I was laid off. Living on what resources we had, I tried desperately to find other work and avoid having to go back into the subway for a living. My search was an epic fail, but I did manage to invent RS Night Watch which one day might be a source of income for me. I was ordained a minister of The Universal Life Church on February 12, 2015.  Out of resources, not in the best of health, and waiting for a disability hearing to come up next year, I find myself with no consistent form of income except when I can handle some light busking. I have resorted to taking Advils 4 at a time. We accept donations here.

Peace up, Bitchez!
Rev. M